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From solo...


We are excited to announce we have full color soft cover books in stock and ready to be shipped!  Order yours today! 

eBook format: US $59.95

Soft cover: US $69.95 plus $10 priority shipping anywhere in the U.S or Canada.  

(We now charge $45 USD for orders abroad)

From solo... the airlines!

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This is the newest, most in-depth, up-to-date aviation weather book available. It's a must read for a student pilot, seasoned airline professional or a pilot somewhere in between.

 We have shipped Pilot Weather to      21 countries!

1. Canada (tons)                  18. Belgium (1)

2. Haiti (1)                             19. Netherlands (1)

3. New Zealand (4)               20. South Africa (1)

4. England, U.K (5)               21. Oslo, Norway is now on the list

5. Hong Kong (6)                       

6. Russia (1)

7. Taiwan (1)

8. Australia (8)

9. Luxemburg (1)

10. Germany (3)

11. Switzerland (1)

12. Spain (1)

13. China (1)

14. Mexico (1)                 Captain D meets customer in Taiwan

15. Monaco (1)                    

16. Slovenia (1)

17. Poland (1)

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July: Excellent book, covering a wide range of topics in an accurate but intuitive fashion, exactly what pilots like. Interpreting and predicting the weather is not only a key ingredient to a safe flight, but also an art. Thank you, Edoardo - B777 Captain


"I purchased and read the book immediately after it became available, the best money I've ever spent!"

       -   John O.

Jan. 9/2019 Your book is outstanding.  Just since the New Year have I had the opportunity to dive into the book.  Although I have been a GA pilot since the mid-1970s, I have felt continually frustrated that in spite of my efforts I have never had the depth of knowledge and understanding of meteorology that I have desired.  I think now I have found a lasting and meaningful answer to my years of searching, frustration and yearning to have better understanding of weather and weather-related phenomena. Thank you for your hard work and most valuable contribution to my education and the education of other pilots.

I ordered two of your  books so I would always have access to a volume at home and at our cabin - in order that I can read and read with hopes of improving my understanding of environmental science and events.  

Even though I am no longer flying above FL 180, I have felt particularly in need of better understanding high altitude wx phenomena with hopes that such improved understanding might provide better understanding of wx below FL 180.  I am quite naive about weather science and so appreciate your fine work as part of my reference library.  One does not have to get very far into your book to appreciate the quality of your educational material.  The book is superb. John W. Overton, Jr, M.D

Jan.07/2019 Yesterday I gave Dori the box (book). He promptly tore it open, then disappeared with the book into his study. Over the next half hour as he muttered to himself, I heard the following:  "Fantastic book!"  . . .  "Photographs are amazing!"  . . . "This is great!" He emerged long enough to grab a highlighter and pen and flash me a grin, then retreated for another hour. Today a repeat.  So I'd say you have written a winner.  We wish you continued success in the year ahead!


Just wanted to share - my parents bought your weather book for my birthday.  I'm moving through and enjoying it so much!  I really appreciate you signing the front.  You've done such a great job communicating these complex topics.  I'm just about at 50 hours - preparing for my check ride in the coming weeks.  I love it!  

My mother added her own signature to your book, 'We hope this keeps you safe, love Daddy and Mama!'   

I think it will..."


- Drew (Tennessee) 

'More kudos...



What an absolutely first rate book you and Doug have put out. At last count, I have over 80 books on Meteorology/Weather and can state unequivocally that your book is the new standard by which all other books can be measured. The combined experience of both you and Doug is pure gold and visually the book is striking. Your photos add an extra dimension coming from someone who has been there and done that and gives the reader the feeling that these gentlemen know what they are talking about and want to share it with the reader regardless of their background.


- Martin P. (Montreal)  pilot, ground school instructor, proof reader and lover of aviation and weather.


When I got home last night your book was waiting for me. I started reading it after dinner and am sitting here reading it with my coffee this morning!  It is the first weather book I am enjoying and understanding.  Thank you for writing Pilot Weather. It's the book I've needed and have been waiting for in almost 20 years of flying." 


- Antoni D. 

                                                                           Who We Are

Captain Doug is an airline pilot first and a meteorologist second. Scott is a full-time instrument flight instructor and former NWS research meteorologist. Both Scott and Doug teach weather to pilots, write aviation articles and as a team offer the best combination to learn the topic of aviation weather. They wrote the most in-depth weather book for aviators. It consists of 33 chapters including chapters on volcanic ash, space weather, weather north of the border and airborne weather radar. Try to find another weather book offering such aviation weather diversity. Even though this book is geared to the pilot flying in the United States, aviators from other countries would benefit in having a copy handy. 

Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward. For there you have been, and there you will always long to return.

Leonardo Da Vinci

And that includes a damn good aviation weather book. Don't settle for less. 
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Eager to learn and anxious to fly!


Capt. D's B787 with a stratocumulus backdrop

Aircraft windshield wipers are independently controlled unlike a car where they operate in sync. 


The B787 wipers have three speeds: intermittent, low and high.


The Boeing B787 Dreamliner is built like no other airliner. The starting of engines, pressurizing the cabin and operating wheel brakes are done electrically instead of using pneumatics and hydraulics. Despite all this, it still implements old-fashioned windshield wipers for taxiing, take off and landing in precipitation.


Unlike most airliners, the windows of this B787 do not open. And unlike most other  airliners this B787 has only four windows instead of the standard six.


The B787 flight deck windows do not open, instead a hatch on the roof (right side of aircraft)  is “plan B” for pilots. 

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Wake turbulence

Wake turbulence behind a jet aircraft