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Oshkosh by Gosh!

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Scott and I met for the second time in Oshkosh, this time with our wives. It was the first time for me and what an event! If you want to know where a majority of males over the age of 45 are, then look no further! And be forewarned, do not bring a non-aviator. This is an aviation geek outing which includes over 600,000 of us.

The drive from Toronto took 10 to 11 hours which meant driving through Chicago. Next time I will fly to Milwaukee and rent a car. Having said that, I had a recent offer to fly there in a privately owned single. I am reluctant because of the sheer aircraft volume. I know, wimp comes to mind.

I saw Scott do three presentations with the last one seeing people being denied entry to due capacity issues. We might return next year, hopefully with a booth. Anyone want to share some square footage? Glad I went. It's an aviation mecca.

Posing at Oshkosh. I had the easy part, Scott did all the work.

Scott getting into the "pre-speech zone."

Scott at one of three presentations. Perfect weather!

People denied entrance to Scott's sold out performance.

Standard stuff seen at Oshkosh. Looks like I captured the moon during this fine afternoon.