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Pouring a Guinness and the Weather

How does beer and weather mix? Well, I learned the temperature for making a perfect Guinness starts at 232 degrees Celsius.

Secondly, my grade nine teacher pointed out that London, England is much further north than many cities in southern Canada and the Northern USA, but it is much warmer at the same latitude. Dublin, Ireland is the same latitude as Goose Bay, Labrador at 53 degrees north. But Goose Bay can be -15 C whereas Dublin will typically be +15C. Why the huge difference? Think…Gulf Stream.

In January, 2019 a United B777 diverted into YYR (Goose Bay ) due to a medical. The temperature was -30 C so one of the cabin doors would not close. Passengers were left to sit on the plane and cycle through the small, inadequate airport facility. Can you say “gong show?” Another exemplification that medical diversions are a challenge. And then some!

Now back from a Dublin vacation and I’m off to Sao Paulo tomorrow. Last time there, I diverted into Brasilia for a medical. Yes, another gong show. I sure hope the three year old boy is doing well.

Captain D learning to pour a Guinness in Dublin, Ireland.

B777 in Goose Bay for 20 hours due to a medical/mechanical issue.