UA-126698554-1 UA-126698554-1 Scott always comes prepared

Scott always comes prepared

Scott presented at the Cirrus convention in New Orleans mid-October.

The computer screen on the left is depicting a skew-T profile of stratocumulus created by a subsidence inversion (I think). During my last flight into CYYZ from Zurich, Switzerland we descended into a deck of "strato-cu" on approach topped at 8000' based at 4000'. I mentioned to the first officer and cruise pilot to watch for an inversion. Sure enough, the top of the cloud was +3 C quickly cooling to -6 C in the cloud. A strong subsidence inversion! This inversion trapped lots of moisture, hence PIREPs in the ATIS stating light to moderate icing. We too picked up some ice. Yes, both of them looked at me deeming it TMI.

As the cub/scouts motto goes: be prepared!

Cirrus convention in New Orleans