UA-126698554-1 UA-126698554-1 Shearing Anti-ice Fluid on Takeoff

Shearing Anti-ice Fluid on Takeoff

In North America, most airliners are deiced with orange Type 1 deice fluid that goes on hot, about 60 C to 80 C. It tends to be diluted with various ratios. If it is precipitating, or a pilot thinks precipitation is imminent, an application of Type IV is applied. Type IV goes on cold, undiluted and is designed to shear off during the takeoff run. It does not prevent ice formation when airborne.

Gotta get deiced!

Like Kermit the frog said, "it's not easy being green." Type IV has been applied.

During rotation. Notice the green anti-ice fluid is mostly sheared off.

Cold Chicago is close by. Cold Canadian Arctic air invaded the place.The deep dish Chicago pizza made up for it.