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Tail Spotting

Almost every airport has them, tail spotters. You'll see them along the airport's perimeter or from some unique spot seeking the perfect vantage point. One such spotter is Erik who works cargo in FRA (Frankfurt). He has travelled the world taking thousands of pictures. I've used many of his pics in all three books. Recently I met up with him on a FRA layover to give him a copy of Canadian Aviation Weather. I now owe him a copy of Pilot Weather. I am off to Frankfurt again.

Erik and I along the Rhine. Yes, I have that "just got up look" after a 10 hour flight.

Erik recently visited SFO with his family. He magnificently captured the busyness of San Francisco. A bird is center of attention. A sea haze adds to the backdrop indicating the marine layer is not too far away.

Want to buy a used B747? The desert air is ideal for stowing aircraft. Erik took this pic at MHV (Mojave Air and Space Park).