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PILOT WEATHER is the most in-depth and up-to-date aviation weather book available. It's a must-read for a student pilot, a seasoned airline professional, or a pilot somewhere in between. It is also a great resource for dispatchers, air traffic controllers, and flight service personnel. 

The gold standard in aviation weather! 

Our soft cover book is now sold exclusively on Amazon. Click on the button below to order your copy..



eBook* format: $59.95 USD

* eBook will be available for download immediately after purchase. Look for that download button. An email will also be sent with a link to download the eBook. This link will be available for 30 days. 


EXCERPTS of Pilot Weather Book


Above the Clouds

Finally, a comprehensive weather book written by pilots that's easy to understand!

The table of contents tells the story here. A great text for someone just learning to fly or for those taking a university or college class in the aviation sector. The first-person sidebars offered by Dr. Scott and Capt Doug are like gold...they teach you details that you cannot find in any other aviation book. There's an ebook as well that you can purchase. I keep the ebook on my iPad and review it often when I travel. You won't be disappointed.

Allen T

Excellent book, covering a wide range of topics in an accurate but intuitive fashion, exactly what pilots like. Interpreting and predicting the weather is not only a key ingredient to a safe flight, but also an art. Thank you


- Eduardo - B777 Captain

I purchased and read the book immediately after it became available, the best money I've ever spent!

- John O

Your book is outstanding.  Just since the New Year have I had the opportunity to dive into the book. Although I have been a GA pilot since the mid-1970s, I have felt continually frustrated that in spite of my efforts I have never had the depth of knowledge and understanding of meteorology that I have desired.  I think now I have found a lasting and meaningful answer to my years of searching, frustration and yearning to have better understanding of weather and weather-related phenomena. Thank you for your hard work and most valuable contribution to my education and the education of other pilots.

This book is expected to surpass many of the best aviation weather books ever written, including those by Peter Lester, Robert Buck, and Richard Collins. The authors deal with the most recent discoveries in weather phenomena as well as weather services data from which to glean more information for the safety of flight and the comfort of passengers. 


- Austin Flight Check Training Solutions

We have shipped to 22 countries!

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