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About Captain D

Doug Morris is an Air Canada Boeing 787 (Dreamliner) training captain who's amassed over 26,000 hours of flight time. To put this in perspective, it would be equivalent to driving from New York to Boston (or Los Angeles to San Francisco) and back again. . . daily. . . for over seven years!


Doug did most of his training and initial flight-hour accumulation on Canada’s East Coast, where weather is a significant player in flight operations. He has experienced a vast range of weather phenomena not only on the temperamental eastern seaboard but throughout the world. He has contended with Pacific typhoons, ferocious jet streams corkscrewing both hemispheres, space weather while transiting the North Pole, wicked crosswinds at London Heathrow Airport and low visibility approaches flying into smog-prone New Delhi, India. Plus, he has flown into America’s top 20 busiest airports, with many having unique weather. Part of his career also saw Doug venture into meteorology when things were lean in aviation.


A certified meteorologist, he worked for Atmospheric Environment Canada for four years as a forecaster — Again, most of it is on the East Coast. Doug has been teaching weather to aspiring student pilots for years.  Doug has been writing the aviation page for Air Canada’s in-flight magazine, enRoute, for 24 years.

Aviation and weather are his passions, and he hopes Pilot Weather will inspire others to seek an exciting and dynamic experience in aviation.

“The easiest thing in life is to do nothing — don’t settle for idleness. Learn, do, and experience as much as you can.” — Captain D

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