About Pilot Weather


Captain Doug is a career airline pilot and a meteorologist. Scott is a full-time instrument flight instructor and former NWS research meteorologist. Both Scott and Doug teach weather to pilots at all experience levels, write aviation articles and their combined experience and training offer the best combination to learn the topic of aviation weather. They wrote the most in-depth weather book for aviators. It consists of 33 chapters including chapters on volcanic ash, space weather, weather north of the border and airborne weather radar.


Try to find another weather book offering such aviation weather diversity. Even though this book is geared to the pilot flying in the United States, aviators from other countries would benefit in having a copy handy.


Pilot Weather: From Solo to the Airlines is close to 400 pages of A to Z weather for pilots.


Whether you are an aspiring pilot thinking about taking flying lessons or a seasoned airline professional, this book is for you!

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